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Colleges and Universities Offering Commercial Pilot Licence(CPL) in Kenya

  • Course Name: Commercial Pilot Licence(CPL)
  • Major Subject: CPL
  • Course Category: Certificate
  • Average Study Duration:

Colleges Offering Commercial Pilot Licence(CPL)

  • Capital Connect Aviation School Capital Connect Aviation School, Nairobi  
    Age requirements
    - To hold a CPL you must be at least 18 years old.
    - You also need to hold a private pilot licence.

    Flying requirements:
    Night rating dual flights .........5 hours
    Solo cross country ................100 hours
    Dual cross country ................40 hours
    Night rating solo flights .........5 hours
    Basic instruments .................10 hours

    There are seven written examinations covering: -

    Air law
    Flight planning
    Aircraft general
    Operation procedures
    Radio Procedures
    Human performance
    Theory of flight

    CPL training costs:
    Piper Cherokee @KES 16,000 (USD 163...Cessna 172 @KES 15,500 (USD 158)
    Min. 160 flying hours 2,640,000 (USD 26,122) 2,480,000 (USD 25,306)
    CPL Ground school 70,000 (USD 714) 70,000 (USD 714)
    CPL Ground school exams 24,000 (USD 245) 24,000 (USD 245)
    CPL GFT Examination USD 400 USD 400
    Total for CPL (Approximate) 2,734,000 (USD 27,898) 2,614,000 (USD 26,673)
  • Ninety Nine Flying School Ninety Nine Flying School, Nairobi  
    Duration: 1 year

    Minimum entry requirements:
    -The minimum age for one to be issued with a Commercial Pilot License is 18.
    -One must demonstrate the ability to read, speak, write and understand the English language.
    -Be in possession of a valid Class 1 Medical certificate
    -Be in possession of a valid Private Pilot’s License
    -Achieve minimum flight time as stipulated in the Civil aviation regulations.
  • Proactive Flight Training School Proactive Flight Training School, Nairobi  
    Duration: 8-12 Months

    Tuition Fees:
    1. C150/152- KShs. 2,358,000
    2. C172- KShs. 2,678,000

    Minimum Entry Requirements:
    - Minimum age of 17 years.
    - KCSE certificate with minimum of C+ or equivalent in relevant field.
    - National I.D or passport.
    - Valid Medical Certificate
    - Valid Student Pilot Licence
  • Skylink Flying School Skylink Flying School, Nairobi   
    CESSNA/152 TRAINER 110 HOURS @ KSHS 14,300 1,573,000 7 MONTHS
    CESSNA/172 TRAINER 110 HOURS @ KSHS 15,300 1,683,000

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Universities Offering Commercial Pilot Licence(CPL)

  • Moi University Moi University, Eldoret  
    School: Moi University School of Aerospace Sciences
    Minimum Admission Requirements:
    - One should be at least eighteen years old to qualify for admission.
    - Proficiency in English is a requirements.
    - One must be a holder of KCAA class two medical certificate.
    - Should hold a valid Kenyan or foreign Private Pilot Licence.

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