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  • Address: P.O. BOX 3900 Eldoret 30100
  • Location: Eldoret
  • Telephone Number: +254 (0)53 43363 / 43620
  • Email Address:
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About Moi University

One of the best universities in Kenya. Located 35 km from Eldoret town about 200 km from Kenya's Capital Nairobi, it offers the most conducive learning conditions to students. Established in 1984. Offers undergraduate, postgraduate and masters programs in such fields as Business and economics, engineering, medicine and surgery, education, law, agriculture, information science, marine sciences among others. The university has one of the best libraries in Kenya.
The university has various campuses namely: College of Health Science, Eldoret West, Town Campus, Kitale, Kericho, Nairobi, Coast, Alupe and Odera Akango Campuses. The university is also affiliated to the following colleges and university colleges: Maasai Mara University, Kabianga University, Karatina University, University of Eldoret, Rongo University College, Garissa University College, Kibabii University College, Masinde Muliro University as well as Oginga Odinga University.

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Latest Reviews by Students and Alumni

Moi University Reviews and Rating by Students and Alumni: 4.6 out of 5 based on 351 ratings and 351 reviews.
  • Sam Oduor(Linguistics, Media and Communication Class of 2019) Rating:
    Moi University has and will remain my university of choice. Situated 32 kilometres off Eldoret town, Moi University Main Campus where I study bears a benign cool climate, one favorable for studying just as in the library. Moi University is well structured, having facilities and modern infrastructure such as the Margaret Thatcher Library. It is fantastic, bearing the accreditation as being one of the topmost universities in Kenya and ranked 32 in Africa. Moi is the place to belong. It is a place to nurture your talent and pursue your career. Its security is the best. Moi University is just beautiful, at least if not fantastic. It operates on its own without interference since it is in in a rural place. I joined MU because I felt I had to be there. Our lecturers are the best and our system well programmed. Our motto, like the star-spankled banner of the USA proceeds all: Foundation of Knowledge. Nevertheless, I hate the rural condition of Moi, it seems to be too remote! My life in Moi is very interesting. I enjoy being a true participant in the realm of life here. I really perceive that life in Moi, my stay in the Soweto hostels, the magnificent of all, all those experiences. Students are well brought up, discipline is adamant. Comrades, as we call ourselves, are polite, industrious and manageable. I just like it. I love you Moi University.
  • Evaline Wanjohi(Bachelors of science (counselling psychology) Class of 2019) Rating:
    Two years ago, Moi university was none existent in my mind till fate brought me here and the name now became part of my identity. My stay till now has been quite good and a number of things are worth being said about the university, to begin with its affordability, paying school fees has not been hard(as for me) because it favours the whatever ''class'' you are in Kenya. Talk of the environment, it is quite serene for learning,education quality is nothing to debate on as graduates prove to be competent in the job market,not forgetting the natural resources surrounding the school e.g rivers. On the negative say about the school which surpasses the positive, lecturers don't attend to their classes all the time,the lecture halls are few and not in good condition causing congestion and collision of lectures. Security is questionable as a lot has happened due to poor accommodation,this forces students to stay outside the school premises where security is not guaranteed.Despite the fact that the university is aware of this,nothing has been done to solve this issue.Security lights are not fixed in strategic positions such as hostel pathways.All these problems are as a result of poor management and mismanagement of funds. If I was to make a wish,my wish would be to make Moi a better place.
  • Raphael Gitu(Bsc. Strategic Management Class of 2015) Rating:
    Moi university main campus is located in Kesse, Uasin gishu county. It is a public institution. The campus is surrounded by villages from the local community. The security of the campus is unmanageable due to the frequent trespassing of the local people through the campus. The institution hires its own security staff. The trespassing is more frequent due to the lack of a complete fence around the campus and the vast campus land. The infrastructure of the institution is of high quality but lack maintenance i.e the buildings, some roads and pavements. Due the high intake the campus is experiencing inadequate resources e.g lecture halls and hostels. The academic level of the campus is relatively high though it lacks adequate research books and an adequate library-computer lab for the large student population. Each school has a computer lab but this is not sufficient when compared to the number of students in each school. The library is located in a very strategic place. The campus has various schools i.e education,b/s, H.R, engineering, I.S, arts and social sciences, biological and physical sciences. The institution admits through Jab and also private sponsored students.
  • Vincent Shayo(Tourism Management Class of 2018) Rating:
    The School has a conducive welcoming learning environment.There are enough research materials available. Lecturers are usually time-conscious and they are also excellent in delivering their service. They also do involve students in learning by allowing them participate in Problem Based Learning (P.B.L) presentations.It is awesome.There are plenty field trips to necessitate the practical part of student learning.
    The disadvantaged sometimes face a challenge of accessing some university facilities like the washrooms, which are only designed to cater for the strong and healthy; without physical challenges.

  • Magare Bonface(Bachelor of Education Arts Class of 2016) Rating:
    Moi University is located in Eldoret Kenya. It was the second public university to be set up in Kenya in 1984 through an act of parliament. The university has quite a number of modern infrastructure that are relevant to the academic requirements, this includes;the Margaret thatcher library, the moi university bookshop and well structured classrooms. The university also has a policy that is aimed at providing quality education that meet the needs of the current job market in the Kenyan economy and the world as a whole.
  • Gracious C. Ng'etich(Bachelor of Business management Class of 2018) Rating:
    I am happy to be in MOI
    UNIVERSITY...Its a good place to be,am
    taking Bachelors in Business
    Management..Currently a class
    representative,bring in that position i
    have learnt alot and am hoping to still
    grow in this leadership position.Being a
    leader especially for a big population
    sometimes its not easy but you have to
    be strong and always take all things
    positively...GOD BLESS MOI
  • Lukoye Robert(Bachelor of Science Entrepreneurship Class of 2019) Rating:
    The Institution is excellent if not perfect in terms of value addition to students. It has a good library and committed lecturers which make learning efficient. However, security and hygiene have been a major concern, most recent being the death of several students at the campus, striking janitors among other thorns in its flesh that might tarnish its image. I therefore appeal to the top management to do something about this before things turn from bad to worse. Thank you.
  • Samuel Kariuki(Bachelor of Science Mmathematics Class of 2018) Rating:
    Moi University is a public university located in the town of Eldoret in western Kenya.The university is served by the Margaret Thatcher Library.[which is the largest library.For sport facilities, the main campus hosts a rugby pitch, a field hockey pitch, lawn tennis and volleyball courts, and a fitness centre. Also it has religious facilities which helps the students to exercise their freedom of worship.
    But on the side of security it is not that well looked at.
  • Thomas Ogaloh Mikulah(Bachelor of Tourism Management Class of 2006) Rating:
    A wonderful experience at Moi university, Chepkoilel campus now turned to the University of Eldoret. It was a great experience interacting with the diversity of people, languages and religion. Very friendly learning environment and teaching staff in the Department of Tourism Management. Had great experience as member of the Christian union and got alot of exposure to christian leadership and mission work. God bless Moi University.
  • Barasa W Stanley(Bachelor of Education (Arts) Class of 2019) Rating:
    Moi university is a university of choice, am what I am today because of this university. This university is a place to be! With all facilities and quality of education offered I can describe it in one sentence as it is like an industry that manufactures young men and women in this nation to be the finished products to serve this nation in many fields.

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