Meaning of Marketing


Meaning of Marketing


Marketing means different things to different people

- To a housewife it means shopping for food
- To a farmer it means the sale of his produce
- To a fertilizer distributor it means selling to the farmer

Marketing is all those activities associated with the flow of goods and services from production to consumption. It is the art and science of selling and buying products and services in most economical ways. The goal of marketing activities is to maximize the profit earned from a product.

Agricultural marketing refers to the marketing of agricultural products such as maize, beans, coffee, mangoes, cabbages and livestock. It is regarded as unique because of the characteristics or attributes of supply and demand for agricultural products. Marketing of agricultural products begins at the farm when the farmer plans his production to meet specific demands and market prospects. Thus there is need to meet the customers’ needs and wants thereby helping the farmer meet long term objectives.
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