How did the Israelites prepare for the Passover?


Describe how the Israelites prepared for the Passover.


(i) Each family was to choose either a lamb or goat of one colour aged one year.

(ii)The animal chosen was to be slaughtered on the eve of the night of the Exodus.

(iii) The blood of the animal was to be smeared on the door posts of Israelites' doors.

(iv) The lamb for the sacrifice was to be roasted whole.

(v) The meat was to be eaten that night with unleavened bread and bitter herbs.

(vi) Everything was to be eaten and whatever remained was to be burnt.

(vii) They were to eat while standing after having packed all their belongings and fully dressed.

(viii) The Israelite women were to ask for Jewellery, silver and clothing from the Egyptians.

(ix) Everyone was to remain indoors until morning.

(x) The Passover was to be commemorated annually and its significance taught to the coming generation.
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