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Highlight the special features of Fax.


Highlight the special features of Fax.



1. Status Reports e.g. after every 50 transmissions. It lists the number of calls made, their date, time and transmission duration, their destination and number of copies transmitted. This provides a means of monitoring fax bills.
2. Storage of addresses-up to 100
3. Auto-dialing-using the keyboard on the machine to dial the number
4. Auto re-try when lines are busy
5. Delayed send-to use cheap times for transmission.
6. Group codes-to send multi-destination transmissions.
7. Security features-requiring a keyed in password at the receiving end so that only a designated person may receive an incoming message.
8. Reduction and enlargement facilities.
9. Improved paper quality. Plain paper is used.
10. Error detection and correction. Automatic cut-off after a certain level of error is reached.
11. Fine mode transmission-improves the quality of the copy, but is slower.
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