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Discuss the application of the person centered theory


Discuss the application of the person centered theory



1) If a warm and accepting climate can be created in class, students will trust the teacher enough to risk and share their ideas in class, about their issues / problems. A non judgmental teacher will help the students feel free to explore their feelings, thoughts and behaviors as they relate to their school life, personal growth, development and adjustment. Such exploration should, in turn, lead to more effective decision-making and to productive behavior by the student. An effective teacher should possess empathy, openness, spontaneity, acceptance, mutual respect, warmth, concreteness, genuineness and self- disclosure which all facilitate change in the student’s behavior.

2) The main goal of person-centered therapy is to assist people in becoming more autonomous, spontaneous and confident. The teacher should help students to learn to accept their own values and trust their own judgment rather than live by the values of others.

3) A teacher should help a student to be a fully functioning person who has learned to be free. According to Rogers, learning to be free is the essential goal of education if civilized culture is to survive and if individuals in the culture are to be worth saving. People who have learnt to be free can confront life and face problems. They trust themselves to choose their own way and accept their own feelings without forcing them on others. Such individuals pride themselves and others as having dignity, worth and value.

4) An effective teacher needs to possess certain attitudes towards his/her students: congruence (genuineness), unconditional positive regard (respect) and empathy. The teacher should not be artificial and needs to accept the students as people who have the potential to become good, rational and free. Because students have self-worth, dignity and unique traits they need to be treated as individuals.

5) In general the teacher refrains from giving advice or solutions, moralizing and making judgments.

6) Rogerian principles of self concept and interpersonal relationship development were seen to be enhanced by group counseling. The contribution of Rogers to teachers and learners and how Person entered theory and practice can harmonize education has been discussed.

7) Rogers firmly believed that the methodology of person-centered theory could be successfully applied to achieve peace among people and nations.
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