Private Secondary Schools in Kiambu County


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Abba Salama Academy
Juja Town
P.O BOX 88, kalimoni 01001
Telephone: 067-52443

Banana Hill High School
Kiambaa, Banana-Kiambu Road
P.O. BOX 58, Kiambu
Telephone: 020-2059797

Brightstar Girls High School
Nairobi-Thika Highway
Muigai Inn
P.O. BOX 364, Kalimoni 01001
Telephone: 0721-767399

Corner Brook School
Juja Farm Road, Juja
P.O. BOX 71812, Nairobi 00622
Telephone: 0720-442056

Equator High School
Haile Selassie Road Section II
P.O. BOX 573, Thika 01000
Telephone: 067-22053

Hekima Girls High School
P.O. BOX 307, Thika 01000
Telephone: 020-230043, 060-31220/30321

The Green Garden School
Near Alliance High School Junction, Kikuyu
P.O. BOX 514, Kikuyu 00902
Telephone: 020-2014413
Mobile: 0721-668616

Juja Senior School
Nairobi-Thika Higway
P.O. BOX 298, Kalimoni 01001
Telephone: 067-52103/52250

Juja Township High School
High Point Road
P.O. BOX 72, Kalimoni 01001
Telephone: 0734-871757

Kalimoni Senior Academy
P.O. BOX 290, Kalimoni
Telephone: 020-318913
Cellphone: 0721-547741

Kanvale Academy, Tigoni
Along St. Andrew's Road
Tigoni, Limuru
P.O. BOX 680, Limuru 00217
Telephone: 066-73069

Muguga Boys Boarding Secondary School
Nairobi-Naivasha Highway
P.O. BOX 111, Kikuyu 00902
Telephone: 020-2014664

Muguku Tumaini Schools
P.O. BOX 1190, Limuru 00217
Telephone: 0715-094000, 0710-344473

Mugumo-Ini Girls Secondary School
Limuru Road
P.O. BOX 31111, Nairobi 00600
Telephone: 020-2044843, 0721-303209

Naivasha Academy
Naivasha-Nairobi Highway
P.O. BOX 1764, Naivasha 20117
Telephone: 050-20827

Ndarugu High School
Off Thika Road, Ruiru
P.O. BOX 292, Ruiru 00232
Telephone: 0722-813167

Ondiri Academy
P.O. BOX 852, Kikuyu 00902
Telephone: 066-32082/92

PCEA Mai-A-Ihill High Schoool
Kikuyu-Gikambura Road
P.O. BOX 785, Kikuyu 00902

The Robin School
Kidfarmaco Road
P.O. BOX 292, Kikuyu 00902

St. Bakika Secondary School
Juja Farm Road, Juja
P.O. BOX 24, Nairobi 00618
Telephone: 067-24256

St. Linda's School
Along Nairobi-Thika Highway
P.O. BOX 1060, Ruiru 00232
Telephone: 0722-894022

St. Thomas School - Tigoni
P.O. BOX 1463, limuru 00217
Telephone: 020-23072000

St. Xavier's Secondary School
Kiboko Road
P.O. BOX 1608, Thika 0100
Telephone: 067-31157

Stephjoy High School
Rirohi Uthiru
P.O. BOX 828, Uthiru 00605
Telephone: 0722-641711

Thika Memorial Church School
Kimatus Road
P.O. BOX 1647, Thika 01000
Telephone: 067-22560

Tigoni Academy for Girls
Tigoni Area, Limuru Road
P.O. BOX 10, Limuru 00217
Telephone: 066-40961/50145

Trikha Girls Secondary School
Old Station Road
P.O. BOX 1562, Thika 01000
Telephone: 020-2062480

Tumaini High School
Red Hill Limuru Road
P.O. BOX 1190 Limuru 00217
Telephone: 020-2132015
Mobile: 0710-344473

Varsity View Academy and Secondary
Kalimoni Township
P.O. BOX 121, Kalimoni 01001
Telephone: 298839

Wankan Academy
Murera, Ruiru
P.O. BOX 105, Ruiru 00232
Telephone: 067-25077, 020-3751991


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