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Importance of local film production.


Date Posted: 9/5/2011 2:14:27 AM

Posted By: Wishstar  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 7507

Local films can fulfill a number of important functions in the concerned country. These functions include;

1. Local films promote and encourage development of national language.

2. They reduce the economic cost of imported films

3. They reduce over-estimation of foreign, and increase appreciation of local lifestyles, culture and values.

4. They give local performers a chance to present themselves to a broader public.

5. They create a few more jobs to the locals as they would get a chance to act.

Only when local film production has a chance to consolidate itself technically and economically and to win back its public from international productions does there exist an opportunity for considering more artistic productions.

Most of us fancy international films than local films, and the some of the reasons to why this is so are widely known.

We should appreciate local films in order to give them morale to make even more better productions. If the film has a greater public response, returns will immediately be considerably increase and this may give the producers a platform to produce even more artistic productions.

In order for the local films to be recognized globally, television stations should also, as much as possible, try to air the local films. This would be a way of marketing them.

Let us support local productions and popularise our country.

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