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General rules for treatment of an unconscious person.


Date Posted: 9/5/2011 3:11:25 AM

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Unconsciousness is the result of injury to or disturbed function of the brain.

Some of the causes of unconsciousness include;

- head injuries.

- strokes

- epileptic fits

-infantile convulsions.

In this cases, the diagnosis may be obvious but in some cases, it may be difficult to make a diagnosis of the cause of unconsciousness.

Some of us have been met with the unfortunate case of a person being unconscious, and were are the only ones available at the scene. We sometimes get confused and don't know what to do. Remember that the more time you leave that unconscious person unattended to, he gets into more danger.

Here are some general rules for treatment of an unconscious person:

1. Provide and maintain a clear airway- remove dentures, clear mucus, saliva or blood from the mouth and throat. Ensure a sufficient supply of fresh air, open windows, keep back crowds.

2. If breathing has stopped, immediately commence respiratory resuscitation.

3. Search for and control bleeding.

4. Loosen all tight clothing about the neck, chest and waist.

5. Treat the cause of unconsciousness if known.

6. Do not apply heat. Wrap him in a blanket and place one underneath if possible.

7. Do not leave the casualty unattended.

8. Do not attempt to give food or fluids by the mouth while the casualty is unconscious.

9. Make a full and thorough examination to find if there are any associated injuries, and if found, treat these.

10. Remove him to shelter.

Apply these procedures in the case of unconsciousness and you may just have saved a life.

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