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Tips on how the youth can deal with unemplyment


Date Posted: 3/25/2018 8:16:35 AM

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If you ask the youth about jobs in Kenya they will tell you that there are no jobs in Kenya. But what they need to do is to create jobs for themselves. Those who are in school want to finish school, find a good job and become successful overnight., then they become frustrated when that does not happen. What they don’t know is that most of these big people they see did not become successful overnight; they have had to trend on a difficult path to get where they are. The following are some tips on how the youth can deal with unemployment:
The youth need to understand that jobs are just ways of solving problems. This means that there are as many jobs as there are problems. Solving these problems is what is rewarded with money.

The work of the government is to create a good working environment, for us to use the most powerful resource; our brains. God gave each and every creature some kind of defense but man was given brains. Some say that the government is not providing jobs, but that is just but an excuse. The youth need to change the mentality that the government has the answers to all their problems.

Money follows ideas, ideas do not follow money. What the youth need to do is to think about the ideas that they will put in to use in order to get the money, as long as they are not stealing it or taking advantages of anyone.

Employers do not employ problems they employ solutions. If you become a problem to them instead of a solution, they will get rid of you. When given ten minutes to air your problems, use five minutes to talk about your problems and the other five to pointing out what you

think the solutions are. You will then find yourself climbing the ladder in your carrier very fast.

God has given each and everyone of us some thing. Every body has their own God given abilities, what do you have in your hand? Use it and it could be the solution the world is waiting for.
In conclusion it is good to note that, what our youth have is a mentality problem and once solved, lack of jobs will be a thing of the past. In addition, we need technical courses as much as we need university degrees. There’s a mentality that for one to be listened to, they have to have a degree. We need to invest on innovation as a society and the problem of joblessness will be a thing of the past.

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