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Common Kidney Problems


Date Posted: 3/25/2018 8:14:25 AM

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Kidney problems have become very common in our society today. You will even find small children having kidney problems. Sadly to say, there are so many people that are sick but do not know it yet. And as we all know, the earlier a disease is diagnosed the better because that way it will be dealt with early enough and even be cured. Kidney problems come in form of two kidney diseases, namely acute kidney disease and chronic kidney disease.

An acute kidney disease is the one that comes from one day to the next, meaning yesterday you were okay but today you have a kidney disease. Acute kidney disease can be caused by infections, diarrhea, accidents that bring about heavy bleeding, fights where the kidney is constantly hit. Children can also get this kind of kidney disease because of the diarrhea and the infections they usually get. But the good thing is that acute kidney disease can be cured if the right treatment is administered.

Chronic kidney disease is the kidney disease that comes slowly by slowly. It comes in 5 stages. Many people are in the first and the second stages but they don’t even know whether they have this kidney disease because the symptoms do not show, but in the third stage the symptoms are evident and treatment has to be sought, and the patient has to prepare themselves to reach the fourth and the final stage which is the fifth stage. It is good to note that the more advanced the stage the more the symptoms, and once the dieresis starts it has to continue until the patient finds a donor and a transplant is done. As far as the kidney transplant is concerned, the best donor is the patient’s sibling because there is

a better match between the two kidneys, which is known as the compatibility rate. Remember this is a necessity. But although transplant is good, it’s disadvantage is that one has to take drugs for the rest of their lives, because remember it is a foreign organ that has been put in their body and these drugs are very expensive.

The symptoms of kidney diseases differ from one individual to the other. So the probability of a misdiagnosis is very high. These are some of the symptoms related to kidney disease:
Back ache
Most people experience a very severe back ache because kidney pain goes in that direction, and it is so severe that treatment has to be sought urgently.

Hurting legs
Another one of the most common symptoms are hurting legs and this happens because of the uric acid in the blood that should be excreted through urine but when having a kidney disease this uric acid is distributed into the blood, goes to the legs and causes joint damage.

Numbness is also caused by the uric acid destroying nerves.

Swollen legs
Swollen legs are caused by the water which should be excreted through urine but and instead goes down to the legs causing swollen legs.

Clear urine or no urine at all
This is another symptom of kidney disease because the kidney is not working.

The most affected people are the women. This is because of all the women that are sick, 20% of them are suffering from kidney disease, according to research. This happens because of the following reasons:

Some pregnancies cause a woman to have diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes which have been known to cause kidney diseases.

Urinary track infections
More women than men get urinary track infections which are another cause of kidney disease.

When we talk about lupus, research has shown that, in 10 people who have lupus, 9 of them are women, and lupus is another disease that has been known to cause kidney disease.

Sadly to say there are some cosmetics that have chemicals that cause kidney disease, and we all know that women and cosmetics are inseparable.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Leading a good and proper life is the key to preventing kidney disease, as we have learnt that it is a lifestyle disease. Avoid junk foods, alcohol and drugs and lead a stress free life. Also learn to have checkups often because, the earlier the diagnosis, the better as delay can be fatal.

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