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Factors To Consider When Building Your Home


Date Posted: 3/26/2018 5:44:31 PM

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It is many peoples' dream to own a house. This home owning dream is partly borne of the fact that the number of residential house built each year is by far,less than the demand.
There are important parameters and options that one needs to consider before beginning the process of owning a house through constructing one.
The following are key factors to consider when building your home:

Location :When you think of building a home,the cardinal rule is location. You will require a piece of land on which the house will stand. Buy the best land you can afford. Prime areas are likely to have infrastructure and security already in place. In case you get land in such an area and your funds are limited, spend more on the land than on the house as property in prime areas tend to appreciate quickly. Building a mansion in an insecure place may not be a good idea as you are unlikely to recover what you spend on the building in case you decide to sell the property. Before settling for a given location, ensure the location is ideal for you and meets your needs.Accessibility to social facilities like schools,shops and hospitals should not be a big problem.

Type of land:When scouting around for land, bear in mind that levelised land is usually cheaper to build on as slopes and rock outcroppings will mean, more site work and more expenses.Also check with the lands office to ensure that the site has no encumbrances.Many people have lost money to con men when it comes to land. Further more, check and ensure that any planned future sub-divisions or road changes will not inconvenience you.

Type and size of house:The number of rooms depends on the nature and size of one's family,not to

mention the cost of construction. After you have determined the size of the house you want to build,you then have to decide whether it will be a bungalow or a maisonette.
A bungalow is a house built on one level, usually ground level and rarely has stairs.Bungalows tend to cover more land as all rooms are arranged on one level.
Maisonette on the other hand,is a house whose rooms are arranged on two floors linked with a staircase. Maisonettes tend to save on ground area as the rooms that would otherwise have been located on the ground floor are accommodated above the lower floor.
Because of the suspended, reinforced floor above the ground floor and the staircase that joins the two floors, maisonettes tend to be slightly more expensive to construct than bungalows.

Layout:A complicated house design means more cost, it is therefore advisable to keep the lines of the structure simple. Avoid complicated roof shapes and also keep the exterior of the house straight forward. In case you may want to extend or expand and add rooms later on, have your architect design the house with unfinished spaces that you can add on later, when you have funds. A medium, simpler house with good finishes has more value than a big house that has poor finishes.

Planning :The moment you decide you want to build your own house,get a file and then create a building file that has all your building notes, preferences and even pictures of houses and spaces you wish to have. Document the type of windows,floor,doors,wall tiles, light fixtures and all the other finishes you wish to use. Also note down the contact details of architects,contractors and suppliers.
This will help you save time and money as well as keep you one step ahead of the building process.

Contractor:Network and get references for the contractor you settle on.A good contractor whose work you have seen is worth the money you spend hiring his or her services, as they will save you time, worry and money that you may have to use to correct the work of a poor contractor.

Ensure every coin counts:Where possible, let your architect design multi-purpose rooms. Since you will pay for every inch, then the rooms built need to be used. For example, you could have the television room also doubling up as a study room.

Outdoor space :Outdoor spaces such as the lawn, the backyard,a veranda or balcony can greatly increase the value of the home and the quality of its occupants. Plant colourfull shrubs and flowers and accessorise your outdoor space to give the house the complete look. Landscapers may help when it comes to outdoor spaces.

In conclusion, although building a house has its disadvantages like out-of-pocket expenses and taking several months to construct the house.Building also has advantages as you can customise the house to suit your lifestyle by personalizing the details of your house from the layout, flooring, paint colours and other finishes.You also take your time to build, when you run out of money, you can stop and continue when you have funds.

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