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Best job sites for every job seeker in Kenya


Date Posted: 11/14/2018 4:53:57 AM

Posted By: Ms kim  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 82

There are many sites all over the internet for any job seeker who is looking for a job whether a fresh graduate or professionals who wants to challenge themselves in the job industry. If you are looking for a job, here are top most sites in the country I am very certain the job seeker won’t lack a job you looking for.

1. Brighter Monday
This is one of the most popular sites in the country. It being founded in 2006, the site has the highest number of employers and job seekers. The site not only offers job opportunities alone but also gives career advice to the job seekers as well as offer CV postings. As a job seeker you need to register, have an account to apply. Another advantage of being registered is the daily alerts which always informs the job seeker of the available jobs that you are most interested in.

2. Fuzu
This is another top job site that is growing up so fast in the industry. Fuzu offers more that jobs which makes it unique. It also offers job seekers a learning and development platform. As a job seeker, you can also take an online free course which helps you improve your abilities, skills and also gives you tips to help you grow your career. Just like brighter Monday, Fuzu enables you to register your CV and select the jobs that you interested in most. After applying in their platform, it keeps a track of your application with the client always informing you what stage your application is in. It also informs you how best you are in the competition and if you successful for the next stage or not. I love Fuzu a lot and would highly recommend it for every job seeker. Its feedback providence makes it stand


3. JobsEye
JobsEye is a leading job portal which allows job seekers to view all posted jobs, submit resumes and make online applications. Through the site, employers can post vacancies, search for suitable candidates and also track online applications.
In addition, the site has an excellent job matching feature which enables jobseekers get relevant job suggestions based on their skills.

4. Career point Kenya
This site allows the job seeker to subscribe to daily alerts through their emails making the search narrow. It’s another mostly used site in the country. Career point Kenya goes beyond listing jobs as well and coaches the job seeker on interviews and also CV and cover letter writing that will help them capture the recruiters also includes news from HR managers. It also provides links to resources that give the candidate a competitive edge when applying for jobs.

5. LinkedIn
This is a networking site for professionals though not very popular like the other sites. This platform is one of the best as it helps the recruiters and hiring managers meets their candidates. LinkedIn has over 65million members worldwide and helps the job seeker find opportunities. It not only about jobs ad business promotions and marketing, LinkedIn helps people to network, inspire as well as motivate each other in terms of career development. The members also help each other secure jobs in the platform. Many jobs in this platform are not advertised in other platforms. To join the platform, you need to create a login in account and set up a great profile including your CV to make you stand out for employers and recruiters

6. Recruitment Kenya
This is one of the most simplified job portals in the country. Recruitment Kenya allows job seekers to check for job postings as well as interview tips. Just like the other job sites it offers more than jobs. It also helps the job seekers with job search tips which they should use when looming for the jobs, CV writing services enabling the job seeker to understand a version of a good CV and the Dos and Dons when writing the CVs and also gives them interview tips. What to expect from recruiters, how to prepare for interviews and also the type of questions they should ask the recruiter.

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