The Perpectual Commission Of English Language Mistakes


Date Posted: 3/21/2019 4:01:38 AM

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The English language inherited errors.Despite the fact that the English language is now almost two centuries old since the advent of it into the non Anglophone world speaking countries. However, it is apparent that up to now people have not been able to speak or write perfectly.

Perhaps I should start with the phrase "practice makes perfect"

By the way how far is that true? Let me start spinning the yarn by giving several reasons why I feel the phrase is a bit confusing to some people from there could be two ways about the said phrase.

Generally, anyone practicing an art could perfect it to its perfection, depending on the source of learning or from the trainer.In a nutshell one can perfect either correctly or incorrectly. But at the end of the day one will have adapted the manner in which gone through.

Maybe I should point out some of the impacts that have led to the stagnation.
Some of the handicap in mastering any language
Could be as the results of the following:

*Students who do not want to research as they always feel satisfied (dilettante)
*Lack of enthusiasm
*Trainers who are not savvy

Well, the facts speak out for themselves. And this is in a broad spectrum from spoken to written.
Let us start with written English. It is obviously true that everywhere one goes will always gets a glimpse of misplaced words such as follows:
*saloon instead of salon( where hair is done)
*butchery instead of the butcher's(the shop that sells meat)

Now on the spoken English.

Some of the words people have more often than not mispronounced are as follows:
*August as

a noun and august as an adjective.
The former one is pronounced as/ '0:gAst while the later one is pronounced as 0:gAst the difference is that the noun has a stress mark just before the first letter.
Also, we have the word April. The precise pronunciation is ('eipro:l)but Some pronounce it incorrectly as April,eprol
*Era vs versus error the first one is pronounced as "ira "while the second one is pronounced as" era"
*Mere is pronounced as mia.
*Among is pronounced as amang

Anyway, there could be an endless list of such words but these serve as a guideline on the most commonly used mispronounced or misspelled words.

Finally, it is important to note that what one says is just as important as how one says it.For instance, imagine an instance you intend to mean the bucther's but you refer to it as butchery when in the essence you meant the shop where meat is sold.

Yes,practice makes perfect, but watch out lest you perfect otherwise.

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