How to Manage Your Time Wisely


Date Posted: 3/24/2019 4:15:59 AM

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Goals must be set based on a time schedule. Commitment must also have an element of time.Once the scope of a certain opportunity lapses,your commitment cannot produce fruits.Discipline is also practiced within time.Time is so important that it determines our ultimate position. The difference between one person and another might be only in their time management.

Time is not only scarce but also irredeemable. It cannot be multiplied or recovered. Unless we realize we have finite time,we cannot turn our inward energies into outward deeds.Wisdom and time are inseparable.
As a student, one may be caught up in a web of wasting time.You are content with delaying what you can do now.One may lack discipline,courage,and boldness,so you choose the much-traveled path of procrastination. Often,when the morning dawns,one realizes that tasks cannot be postponed forever.
No luck exists in academic world,however we say its luck when a prepared mind meets and takes hold of an opportunity. Success comes when you grab and make full use of it.

•Poor personal organization.
Personal organization is an important tool in fighting procrastination. An organized student knows what to do at a particular time.You must know when to concentrate on your books and when to engage in activities that promote your talent.You might have courage and high goals and work hard but still delay on your responsibilities, if you lack order.

The company you keep determines the steps you take in your life.If your company is made up of people without definite goals,they might pull you down to their level rather than you pull them up to yours.
So do not socialise with friends who can mess you up;their progress determines yours.

Students experiencing hormonal and social changes are especially prone to laziness,which is another setback to time management.

•Lack of vision.
When there is no goal

in life,you can become like a body moving towards an unknown destination. Unless you have a goal as a student,you will never see the need for time management.

School cultures determine time wastage or promote proper use of time.Once you become part of them ,you risk becoming complacent.
It is personal principles that matter the most.

•Personal order.
A disciplined person knows what to do at a particular time. Whether to study or to join a club or to participate in games.

•Keep good company.
The best company is what keeps you in constant check.Good friends should keep you accountable for your actions. Once you friends know your goals, give them a chance to question your activities and make practical suggestions.

•Have an all-inclusive timetable.
In academic discipline,there is an essence of a timetable which one must be consistent and obey it.

Commitment and doubt are mortal enemies.Remove doubt and fear from what you must do.

•Keep focused.
Owning your goals defends you against time wastage.Once you remember them,even if you may be playing in the field,you must run back and spend time well.

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