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How to make your composition neat and appealing.


Date Posted: 12/2/2011 3:49:47 AM

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In writing a composition, you should ensure that the reader does not strain his/her eyes and waste his/her time reading your illegible handwriting.
In wanting to make your composition neat and legible, you should try to follow these guidelines:

1. Use black or blue ink on a white paper.

2. Leave a one-inch margin at the left.

3. At the end of a line divide a word only between syllables. Place the hyphen it the end of the line.

4. Write the name, your class, and the date according to the instructions given.

5. Centre the title on the line and capitalize the first word and all other words except articles, short prepositions, and short conjunctions.

6. Leave a blank line after the title.

7. On a test cancel words by drawing a line through them or erasing. Insert words by using a caret (^) and writing them above the line.

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