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Causes of social change in the society


Date Posted: 4/21/2012 7:52:26 AM

Posted By: Bony maurice  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 214

Social change is the alteration in the structure and function of a social mechanism. These alterations take place in various aspects of human life. The changes cannot be avoided and sometimes starts when innovation spread in the society. When discoveries and new innovations are made, they diffuse into the society. The society being very dynamic makes internal changes to be in line with these discoveries. That is why with every new foodstuff, housing, transport or population structure, the society undergoes a change.

Many thinkers nowadays conceptualize social change as any significant alterations in the society involving such changes as;
- Those in social institutions like family, economy, religion, education, politics and health.
- In civilization development features like the scientific and technological inventions.
- Cultural elements in art productions, drama, literature, new skills and knowledge. - Social relationships among societal members
- Norms and standard behaviors
- Values, interests and expectations of the people in the society.

These changes are majorly caused by;

(a) Globalization-which has brought in the use of sophisticated electronics like computers, mobile phones that has made the world

to be like one village. The form of communication has been changed by the use of the internet, phone calls, VOIP, among others. Information is conveyed from one location to miles away in few seconds. Life in the society has been changed, scraping the old communication ways and embracing these new ones. However, it has also increased untrustworthy among societal members.

(b) The emerging social problems have also led to social change. With the economic crisis, people are held busy toiling for a living hence forgetting some of the customs of the society. The old are neglected and they are not sort for as before. Individualism is dominant in the society where every member cares about his/her own life. There are social hardships that make people to tune to other forms of life. The priorities which existed are no longer there. For instance, marriage is wearing out with some people taking it as an optional thing.

(c) The repugnant culture is being done away with arbitrarily. Backward practices like female circumcision, wife inheritance, and early marriages are being fought against. With westernization and enlightenment, people are arbitrarily trying to wipe out the kind of primitiveness that were holding them.

(d) Wars and communal strife also causes alteration in the structure of life of a society. After a war, the people make efforts to change the way they were living. For future defense and alertness, the society tries to live a life of watchfulness and free from war.

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