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Relevance of the religious specialists in the society today.


Date Posted: 5/21/2012 12:37:15 AM

Posted By: Brenda N  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 728

The African religious leaders or specialists still feature prominently in day today lives of the people.This is seen in the following areas:Medicine people gave been licensed by the government to operate herbal clinic,they diagnose and offer treatment for different diseases where modern medicine may have failed,herbal medicine is cost effective and within reach of most patients.

The diviner's role is still relevant today especially in establishing the causes of illness,barrenness or any misfortune,they serve as fortune tellers in getting employment or passing examination,they also exorcise evil spirits.

The work of rainmakers is still recognized especially in communities which have people in this institution,they are consulted during community ceremonies to keep off the rains for those occasions,during severe droughts they perform rituals aimed at causing rains.

Traditional African priests are still called upon to lead in prayers during public functions,they also preside over religious ceremonies at traditional community level. Prophethood may not have much prominence today,however,in the efforts of human beings to establish their fate in future,prophets may be consulted.

Elders role today stands out to be the most active,they are consulted by both the community members and the government to solve various social issues,they serve on land boards and peace reconciliation parties,at family level they guard the traditions of the people for example,on inheritance,marriage,death,rites and leadership.

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