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Why children are so special.


Date Posted: 8/17/2012 1:00:07 AM

Posted By: afriqueunique  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 658

CHILDREN ARE SPECIAL...!! A child will smile in pain, cry in Joy and happiness..
They will give Up all their
Pleasures just for a Smile from
Someone they Love.
They will Change a hundred clothes, and
still not Like any.. They will shout like maniacs;
Then Cry Like a Lil'kid..
They would Hug you, and forget the
They would be Satisfied by a
Simple:"I'm there or i will bring sweets for you.." A child doesn't need big Things in
life, the are Happy with the Small
Popcorn at the Movie..
Value the child in your Life, be It
your brother's, Sister's, stepmother's, or
a best Friend's child.. They have given their soul for your Joy.
If you are a child's lover reading this, feel proud
to be one and share your thoughts.
If your are young or old respect children and make
them feel Proud. Kindly like them.

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