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Best businesses to invest in here in Kenya.


Date Posted: 10/1/2012 1:36:08 PM

Posted By: Hussein Mutai  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 2070

Investing in Kenya has been moving to the next level due to various investors coming up every day. The best businesses to invest in has been growing every fortnight and continuing without ceasing.

Investments have been classified into two categories here in Kenya. First, is the small investors sector and second is the large investors sector. The small investors are like those who have invested in phones which is gaining popularity in Kenya. From the start of smart phones to the least of the phones. It has proven to be the most successful investments.

Some have started to buy small shares in big companies. With the big investors, they buy big shares on the companies and banks. Some have started to invest in the construction industry. They come together and come up with the plan of building houses in big towns. This has proven to be the best because they make the buildings a business center for example the Sameer near City Cabanas. It is now the famous business center in Kenya. Some have also decided to invest in cosmetics which has also taken the investment industry. Some small investors have also decided to invest on clothes and fashion which has also proven to be the best. Fashion has taken the youths in Kenya, such that everyone is trying to fit on every new fashion in the market.

Truly the Kenya's investment market is taking root. Cosmetics business has also proven to be the most earning investment. Some have tried it and it has not let them down. So if you think you also have the capability or have the thought of investing them you have as many as much places to invest.

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