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How to introduce a new member at kenyaplex: a complete guide.


Date Posted: 10/22/2012 1:39:03 AM

Posted By: Razen  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 3454

The best place in town for a weekend is probably being in the uhuru gardens. The main reason for choosing this place is because even without a single coin in your pocket, no one will stand on your way.

Being broke in a major town especially during the holiday season is a bad omen because this might end you up back in the house. Thou most of life is free, there''s more you need to purchase.

Picture yourself with your spouse walking along the railway line, chatting. You come across another couple laying on some beautiful meadow, with ice creams, a camera, a bouncing 3 year old kid. Visualizing the fact that you ate some cold ugali for breakfast will actually let you down.

The phone that you probably might want to use to borrow some money from maybe a friend has a dead battery besides having kes. 0.00 air time balance. Probably you don''t even remember you used some kes. 100.00 okoa jahazi a week ago, speaking to a friend in the hope of getting some money advance.

All sounds lost but don''t worry, I have some light for you at the end of the tunnel. Wait a minute, I''ve just figured out that the tunnel is a hundred miles ahead and probably you won''t make it before giving up. I''ve decided to create some light for you before you get to the end.

Make money. Free legal easy money. I won''t make the deal too good for because you might probably think am a scam. Find yourself, from wherever I don''t know, some good phone battery and some data bundles.

Are you ready now? Ok. Here''s my plan. Can you write? Write such an article as this one? Can you contribute in a discussion topic, do you have businesses around you? Do you have

colleges, universities or polytechnics around you too?

At least 99% of your answers are yes because the remaining 1% is not NO. It''s ''I think so''

Open you browser and visit:


And sign up/register. Here''s the link.

, that''s the first step.
It''s not hard. I know you hate login forms. But, I promise this won''t ask for you age or business area or such. I just need to know your:
Phone number (I will send you some cash)
Your email address
And some few more details like

Who told you about the site (razen) and you''ll be done.

Your first time being in an office at the comfort of wherever you might be.

Shall we begin?

The first thing to do is to secure you office(account)
Click on the validate account button and open a new browser tab. (ucbrowser and operamini has this features.)

Open your email in box and check an email I sent you. The mail contains two things you need. A link and a code.
Use the code in the validating section on the other browser tab. (note: to open a new tab(window using operamini 5.0+, just press menu the click on the (+) sign on the top right corner, to do this on ucbrowser, press 1 twice.)

Now that''s security. You know why? Because if incase you lost your password, I will send you a means of finding it.

Now go to set profile picture and upload the best of your pics. because I probably love to see faces, and so will you.

On the bottom part of that page is your account money accumulation counter. All work done everyday is paid after a few minutes and up to 48 hours.
Earnings due: 0.00
Total earned to date: 0.00

Don''t worry, the zeros are temporary because hours after this hour, you probably have more than kes 200.

I know you are soo curious and impatient because am being soo slow or boring. Ok, don''t worry. Let''s take the first tour around the industry.

The colleges.
Found on the top left corner of the website.
This is your first money making joint.
Go round by yourself. Do you know of a college around you not in the joint, sure. That''s your first chance to make some money.

Add it!
Add the courses!

Bravo. You made some money.
Add all the colleges you don''t find and the courses they offer. You''ve officially started working.

Hey, spare some colleges for tomorrow. Come, let''s move on because I want to go get a friend of mine to join too. Am a man of the people.

Section 2 is for universities
Just like we did in colleges, find the universities, add them, add the courses offered. Add, add, add them all. Money counting!!

Enough, shall we move on?

The polls.
Funny how you''ll get paid for finding out how people think about something or someone!
Funnier how you''ll get paid for telling the world how you want, think about something, someone, etc!

Just create new polls, add the choices and hear what the world thinks. Money counting! The good news is that THERE IS NO LIMIT TO THE VOLUME OF THE DATA/INFORMATION YOU INPUT!
Just don''t transnight because you won''t have alot of clear thinking the next day.

Come to the discussion forum and see how happy we are here.
Ask or answer anything. We want to hear from you. Where do you go if you are sad? Let the world give it''s answer. Discuss anything. I think you probably want to stay here forever but am sorry we have to move on.

The question papers!
You remember the mock exams? The dreaded one, ha? We need every single exam paper you can find out there. Come, type it here and earn!
Actually, you can visit the previous school for these papers.

The resources.
This is the reason you are here, the main reason, that is! You needed money. Now, let''s begin. The rules are simple write articles, blogs, reviews, recipes, name them.. Each one earns you between kes. 50-150! Amazing ha? Write, write, write!!

The interview questions.
Remember that interview that denied you a job? Okay you know why you failed? Because you never had a collection of knowledge from us. We have over 200 questions for you, and more that 2000 answers.
Read, reply, write your questions and let the world answer you!

The medical directory for you.
Ailing or needs to find some medical attention round kenya, that''s the place to be.

You can now go around having fun. The links below the links we''ve discussed are there to ease you life online.

Sorry to say this but I have to go. Don''t worry. My name is razen and you can always send me a message if you need help. I also will introduce to you the people who be helping you incase you got a problem.

Meet raphael mutua, the CEO of this company.

Meet lawrence simiyu, the main administrator, and the displine master.

Here''s the best workers/members.
Meet Emanuel mathias. We call him kitavi.

Meet margaret soita. We call her meg soni. A friend of mine.

Meet wallace ngatia, we call him kismart, my brother.

Hope to see you around.

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