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All About Nutrition practiced in Kenya


Date Posted: 10/22/2012 4:43:31 AM

Posted By: richardkarera  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 20

Nutrition, as it is also referred to nourishment or simply aliment, is the process of providing the body cells and organisms with various materials that are in the form of food in the verge of supporting life. Do you know that good nutrition can solve the major problems that are caused by unhealthy diets? It is also important to learn what nutrition is all about scientifically. This is because, you will be better placed to execute you nutrition needs at all times. Therefore, nutrition can be described as the science of practicing how to consume food in the respect to gaining a healthy life. So ask yourself this question, do you need to stay healthy? Of course you need to?

Why should you learn about nutrition?

It is clear that countries like Kenya are developing fast and as technology advances, so does the nutrition facts and you ought to dance to the tunes. The fact is that you need to be informed day in day out about what is happening in the world of nutrition. Remember, that the study of nutrition is simply the process whereby diseases, conditions and the problems can easily be prevented or easily solved from eating a healthy diet and staying fit all the time. This is for instance doing plenty of exercises and eating healthy diets. Taking your time to visit your nutritionist will give you an upper hand in learning how nutrition works in the verge of identifying how the ailments or conditions lead to dietary factors like poor diets. This includes malnutrition, metabolic disease and food allergy.

What is the difference between nutritionists and dietitians?

This is one of the major questions that many people encounter when they are in the verge of seeking nutritionists from Kenya or any other part of the world. But in Kenya

this question is common. Worry no more because the solution is here. A dietitian is a professional who studied dietetics, whereas nutritionists are the one who studied nutrition. In fact in Kenya today many nutritionists have undergone the training that prepares them to handle both dietetics and nutrition. This is in respect to ensuring that all the necessary factors that are helpful in solving the problems of nutrition in Kenya are addressed. However, you will only understand what is nutrition and dietetics when you see it from the definitions of both. This is addressed below:

Definition of Dietetics

This is a field of study that focuses in interpreting and communicating the science of nutrition which enables the members of the public to come up with proper decisions and making appropriate choices on food and lifestyle issues. This is both in the heath and disease related issues. There are parts of the nutrition training which emphasizes in dietetics that offers courses that prepare the students to join the hospital and the community world. This is why majorly, dietitians and nutritionists in Kenya work in the health care units, education sectors, research and food industry and majorly as consultants. This is by fulfilling the dietetics and nutrition set factors like earning a degree or a Masters and later on getting certified and licensed to practice as either a nutritionist or dietitian.

Definition of Nutrition

This is the process of studying the nutrients that are available in food and the process which the body utilizes the said nutrients subjected to it. Also, there is a big relationship between diet and health issues amid the diseases. One thing to note is that nutritionists in Kenya are the ones who work in fields like journalism, education and research. And there are the expert dietitians who have been employed in the food science and technology industry.

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