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Want to succeed on kenyaplex? Let me show how


Date Posted: 6/28/2013 3:56:39 AM

Posted By: kirstene  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 1264

Kenyaplex is really the best site in Kenya right now, with so many online sites coming up you really can never tell which one is genuine with others asking you to pay money for registration.
unlike in Facebook where I could write a lot of useful things for free, while on twitter I could still do the same here is a chance presented for me to showcase my prowess in writing whatever I feel like and still be paid some money, even if, to most people it would seem like a simple droplet in an ocean, to me it counts so much. it is by far better than writing things in Facebook the whole day for free and worse still get judged by people on the things I write and better still it is better than seating at home doing nothing and later when I go back to campus I ask my parents to give me money for my needs which at times it Is usually not enough.
This therefore is the best platform for Kenyans both students and anyone who would like to make some extra income during their leisure time.
However it is not easy to survive here, you need to be smart to succeed and in my article I decided to write some of the most simple tips that could be of help for anyone who would like to succeed at kenyaplex

How to succeed in kenyaplex
1.Write for fun-even though many of us want money, you should make it a hobby to write as only this way will you succeed in this field of writing. make it habitual practice allot, one time you may earn just 10 shillings for your article, but with little more practice you will surely excel and you will know this by the increase in money in

your account
2.the topic that you write about, let it be familiar to you-write about something that you are familiar with, this way, you will give satisfactory details
3.Put the interest of public also at hand while writing, make sure that you ask yourself this questions, is this article beneficial to the public? Is it an article that will negatively affect someone? when you answer these questions and are convinced that the article is okay, then go ahead and submit it
4.Be very descriptive-exhaust all the points if you want your article to earn you money, do comprehensive research on your article and write a quality article with every detail in the story fully described that when someone reads it, they will be satisfied with your article
5. Give your article a catchy heading, tease the public and make them want to know what is included in the article, provide a very complete but exciting title for your article
6.On the forum section, involve yourself fully, take it is as face book, when someone posts something, it will be really good if you put a comment under that post and if you have an answer on something, do not hesitate to reply to it as this will not only earn you some few shillings but you will have also helped something, you never know how important your response might be to the public. However do not leave your answers hanging, make sure your answers are complete and whoever is going to read your comment will be satisfied with it.
7.On the ask question section, also involve yourself, ask questions about any topic, if you are looking for answers about a certain issue instead of going to Google; here is a chance to ask a question and interact with people and you should not let go to waste. while asking a question, make sure to give as much details as you can on the topic that your question is coming from, let people understand what you are looking for and be sure to get a response at the end of the day
8.In the course section, here also is a chance to shine, if you have any course in mind, first search for it in the search engine of Kenyaplex course section, if your course is not there then voila, here is a chance for you to increase some earnings on your account, add that course in the list only make sure that that course is offered in the institution
9.Also you can add your colleges and universities on Kenyaplex, put your college in the map and let the world know of its existence. This in the event will also earn you some cash to your account
10.Question paper section is yet another great section in kenyaplex, post question papers on different courses from different university, a completely valid question paper will earn you some money too, not much but it is worth it. Make sure the question paper is original and type it just as it appears. Many people come to this site looking for question papers for their revision purpose so while you submit a paper, do not just do it for the sole reason of money also think of someone who that paper will be of value. give them as much details that is contained on the question paper, that way you would have helped someone in the long run and helped yourself too
11. Kenyaplex is a very competitive site, everyone wants to be a winner, and just as the law of survival of the fittest states, only the fittest will survive this place. be very hardworking and always everyday make sure you have done something in kenyaplex, be very active in this site as also the active ones are awarded at the end of the week as well as at the end of the month, weekly and monthly active member respectively. this is a perfect opportunity for you to shine and you should strive to at least win in one or both this competition if possible
12.Refer your friend to kenyaplex, use your personal referral link to invite your friends to this site also use the word of mouth and make sure they give your name when they join. use mostly this social sites and you will surely find people joining, I do not however promise you that everyone will join but am sure in out of 20 that you invite, at least 5 will come and that is a good thing to you
13. Also be very committed in your work and do not loose hope, with time you will be able to smile at the fruits of your labor and your hard work will have surely paid at the end
Those are just some of the few tips that I found and am sure in time you will learn more only hope that my tips will be helpful to you the reader.

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