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Graduate Diploma(6) |  Higher Diploma(151) |  Masters(600) |  Post Graduate Diploma(76) |  Pre University(2) | 

Course Name:   182 courses found.

Doctor of Philosophy in Biotechnology(Biotechnology)
PhD in Environment Studies(Environment Studies)
PhD. in Environment Planning and Management(Environment Planning and Management)
PhD. in Land Resource Management.(Land Resource Management)
PhD. in Education Administration & Management(Education Administration & Management)
Ph.D. in Agricultural Resource Management(Agricultural Resource Management)
Ph.D. in Management of Agro ecosystems and Environment(Management of Agro ecosystems and Environment)
Ph.D. in Management of Agro-ecosystems and Environment(Management of Agro-ecosystems and Environment)
Ph.D. in Agroforestry(Agroforestry)
Ph.D. in Land and Water Management( Land and Water Management)
PhD in Chemistry and Physics(Chemistry and Physics)
PhD in Computer Science /Information Systems(Computer Science /Information Systems)
PhD in Applied Microbiology, Parasitology(Applied Microbiology, Parasitology)
PhD in Fisheries(Fisheries)
PhD in Plant Ecology( Plant Ecology)
PhD in Educational Foundations(Educational Foundations)
PhD in Guidance and Counseling (Guidance and Counseling )
Phd in climate change(climate change)
Phd in Sustainable Agricultural Systems(Sustainable Agricultural Systems)
Phd in Animal Parasitology(Animal Parasitology)
Phd in Animal Physiology(Animal Physiology)
Phd in immunology(immunology)
Phd in molecular biology(molecular biology)
Phd in applied entomology(applied entomology)
Phd in fish biology and aquaculture(fish biology and aquaculture)
Phd in crop protection(crop protection)
Phd in statistics(statistics)
Phd in information technology(information technology)
Phd in Economics and Management of education(Economics and management of education)
Phd in Education in Management of Education in emergencies(Education Management of education in emergencies)

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