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Diploma in Spa and beauty treatments(spa and Beauty treatments)
Diploma in Nail Technology(Nail Technology)
Diploma in Advanced Beauty Therapy(Beauty Therapy)
Diploma in Strategic management(Strategic Management)
Diploma in Small and Medium Size Enterprises(Small and Medium Size Enterprises)
Diploma in Plant Genetics(Plant Genetics)
Diploma in Missions and Church Planning(Missions and Church Planning)
Diploma in Kenya Sign Language(Kenya sign Language)
Diploma in Mobile Application Development(Mobile Application Development)
Diploma in Ethical Hacking and Information Security(Ethical Hacking and Information Security)
Diploma in Plumbing Engineering(Plumbing Engineering)
Diploma in Music and Instrument Operation(Music and Instrument Operation)
Diploma in Creative Writing(Creative Writing)
Diploma in Literary Journalism(Literary Journalism)
Diploma in Literary Criticism(Literary Criticism)
Diploma in Childrens Literature (Childrens Literature )
Diploma in Agricultural Resource Management(Agricultural Resource Management)
Diploma in Publishing Studies(Publishing Studies)
Diploma in Human Biosciences(Human Biosciences)
Diploma in Animations and Graphics( )
Diploma in Business Analytics( )
Diploma in Business Informatics( )
Diploma in Chaplaincy( )
Diploma in Internet System and Security(Internet System and Security)
Diploma in Drone Operations(Drone Operations)
Diploma in Environmental and Health Sciences(Environmental and Health Sciences)
Diploma in Technology, Computer and Network Engineering.(Computer and Network Engineering)
Diploma in Technology,Electronics & Automation Engineering(Electronics & Automation Engineering)
Diploma in Event Management(Event Management)
Diploma in Community and Public Health(Community and Public Health)

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