Discuss the idea of civil service


Discuss the idea of civil service


Definition of the Civil Service:

The Civil Service can be defined as the core of officials to which is entrusted the implementation of the policy decisions of the government. From this definition is clear that the function of the civil service is to implement government policy.

The civil service falls under the Executive arm of the government. It is in charge of implementation of government policy.

Civil servants are those servants of the crown other than holders of political or judicial offices who are employed in a civil capacity and whose remuneration is paid wholly or directly out of monies voted by parliament. Excluded from this definition are
Armed Forces Employees;
Employees of public corporations
Employees of local authorities except Town Clerk, Treasurer and City Engineer
Employees of Nationalised Industries.

We are concerned with the functions of the government to serving the public. Administrative law is concerned about the functions of public officers. We want to understand what the law says about the functions, employment, accountability and efficiency of these public officials in the duties that they have been charged.
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