Discuss the origin of public service


Discuss the origin of public service.


As with other governmental machinery including local government system, the civil service is one of those public institutions which was inherited from the British public institutions. Its tenets were created by the British colonial administration. However since independence the civil service has changed. New dimensions have been added to it and the new changes have been made to meet the circumstances of the people of Kenya.

List of Civil Servants
Attorney General; and all who work in the AGs Chamberrs;
Controller General
Auditor General
Permanent Secretaries
Secretary to the Civil
Commissioner of Police
Ambassadors and High Commissioners
Public Officials in various government ministries

Regarding their functions their primary role is to implement policies that have been formulated by the government. These policies are formulated especially by the cabinet. In their implementation of government policies they have duties that they perform for the public.

Issuance of Licences, i.e. trade licences, driving licences, marriage licences, liquor licences;
Collection of Taxes;
Conduct audits of public accounts
Represent the government abroad, the functions are many.

In the exercise of these functions they provide services in the interest of public and exercise controls in the interests of the public.

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