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Explain the main functions of Kenya forest service


Explain the main functions of Kenya forest service



a. Conserve, protect and manage all public forests in accordance with the provisions of the Forest Conservation and Management Act no 34 of 2016Act.

b. Prepare and implement management plans for all public forests and, where requested, assist in preparation of management plans for community forests or private forests in consultation with the relevant owners.

c. Receive and consider applications for licenses or permits in relation to forest resources or management of forests or any other relevant matter in accordance with this Act;
d. Establish and implement benefit sharing arrangements in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

e. Assist county governments to build capacity in forestry and forest management in the counties.

f. In consultation with relevant stakeholders, develop programs for tourism and for recreational and ceremonial use of public forests.

g. Promote forestry education and training to farmers and to all stakeholders.
h. Register and maintain a register of all forest management plans prepared for public forests.

i. collaborate with relevant persons and institutions in identifying research needs and applying research findings in relation to forests and forestry.

j. Manage water catchment areas in relation to soil and water conservation, carbon sequestration and other environmental services in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.
Kenya forest service is also mandated to prepare the following,
i. a Forest Status Report for the Cabinet Secretary once in every two years.

j. a Resource Assessment Report for the Cabinet Secretary once in every five years.

k. Consider and recommend to the Cabinet Secretary the establishment of public forests on alienated public land or any other public land.

l. Consider and recommend to the Cabinet Secretary the determination and alteration of boundaries of public forests.

m. Establish forest conservancy areas for purposes of conservation and management.

n. Approve the provision of credit facilities and technical training for community-based forest industries, and the provision of incentives to persons for the sustainable utilization of wood and non-wood forest products.

o. Implement and enforce rules and regulations governing importation, exportation and trade in forest produce.

p. Develop, maintain and regularly update a geographic information system database of all forests in Kenya.
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