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Explain factors that influence the size of a tree nursery


Explain factors that influence the size of a tree nursery.



1.The space available for establishing the nursery. The land available on farms may be small in individual farms but may be bigger in public lands like schools or church. The bigger the land the bigger the nursery can be depending on the number of seedlings the farmer wants to raise and also depending on the purpose of the seedlings grown.

2.The second factor to consider is that whether the seedlings are grown in pots or in beds, and whether they will be raised from seeds or from grafts or from bare rooted cuttings. This will influence the amount of space each plant needs in a nursery. Additional space is required for keeping collected soil ,sand and manure and for mixing during planting.

3.The number of seedlings to be raised for personal use and for sale. When considering the size of the market for seedlings ,it is better to start by being conservative in estimating what your market will be.
4.The amount of water that is available to maintain seedlings. Water is a very essential factor for the growth of seedlings thus amount of water that can support seedlings is essential to be considered before planting seedlings especially during the dry period.

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