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Briefly describe project time management processes


Briefly describe project time management processes



1. Activity Definition
- Identifies the lowest level of work on the WBS, “work packages”, that needs to be performed to create the finished product deliverable.
- Typically the work packages are built by decomposing parent activities down into smaller and smaller units of work.

2. Estimating Activity Resources
- The activity resource estimating process consists of the following deliverables: activity resource requirements, resource
calendars, and assigned resources.
- Estimating resource needs involves determining what resources-including people, computers, electricity, and so on-are needed and in what quantities, and in the case of human resources, what level of expertise.
- The quality or experience level of the resource will determine the cost and amount of time needed to complete the activity.
- The decision of which resources to choose may need to be determined by their availability.
- Before estimating activity durations, you must have a good idea of the quantity and type or level of resources that will be assigned to each activity.

3. Estimating Activity Duration
- After defining activities, determining their sequence, assigning appropriate resources, the next step in time management is duration estimating.
- Duration includes the effort (actual amount of time worked on an activity) plus elapsed time

4. Schedule Development
- Uses results of the other time management processes (activity definition, sequencing, estimating) to determine the start and end date of the project
- Also determines the planned start and completion dates for each activity listed on the WBS.
- The deliverable from this process is the project schedule
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