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Common symptoms of depression


Date Posted: 9/15/2011 1:10:01 AM

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Below are the common symptoms exhibited by someone suffering from depression.

1. A change in appetite

- Either a sudden weight gain or weight loss

2. Sleep disturbances

- Insomnia

- Nightmares

- Waking several times during the night

- Waking up very early

- Having difficulty waking up

3. Inability to concentrate

- Sudden drop in grades

- Forgetfulness

4. Lack of interest in activities

- Loss of interest in hobbies, friends, sports

- Apathy about almost everything

- Nothing seems pleasurable

5. Lack of interest in relationships

6. Perfectionism

- Unrealistic expectations of self and others

- Feeling the need to prove worth

7. Sense of unlovableness

- Focus on personal faults

8. Feeling of guilt

- Mostly over not meeting expectations

9. Self destructive behavior

- Poor grooming

- Over and under eating

- Taking risks

10. Recurrent thoughts of suicide and death.

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