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The disease of medical negligence


Date Posted: 5/9/2018 11:51:20 AM

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Medical negligence is any act, omission or malpractice by a health professional during treatment of a patient that deviates from the accepted norms of practice in the medical community or profession and causes an injury to the patient.
Medical profession is a reputable profession because it helps manage, care ,save and preserve life . All
patients approaching a health professional expects attention from the doctor according to the knowledge and skills or the medical Expertise. The doctor has a duty and the obligation of providing
medical care, service , treatment, surgery, diagnostic tests to the patient according to his or her medical
Although providing good health care is a professional responsibility of any medical officer, unfortunately they can fail in their responsibilities sometimes by not giving patients with proper care and attention or by acting maliciously and also by providing low standard or substandard care to the patients that causes harm, complications or even death of the patient.

Medical negligence occurs when a medical professional or nurse and other health providers fail to provide proper treatment, Medical care, aftercare and attention or neglects to take any appreciate measures to save the life of a patient or business taking the life of a patient for granted by giving substandard treatment that later on injures and causes further complications in the life of a patient .
Medical doctors are not supposed to do any malpractice or medical errors that would harm the patient in any given manner. Some of these malpractices may include;
• Wrong dosage prescription.
• Failure to offer aftercare follow ups.
• Premature discharge.
• Misdiagnosis.
• Incorrect surgery and operations and many other.
A medical doctor has a duty of obtaining first hand information from the patient according to the
medical needs or illnesses of the patient(s) by carrying out diagnostic tests.

The relationship between the doctor and the patient is always in the form of a contract whereby, the doctor owes the patient certain medical services and on the other hand, the patient owes the doctor or the hospital a certain fee.

Failure of the doctor to provide the services needed by the patient will give a course of action for malpractice that is , medical negligence against health profession. Therefore, to avoid any medical recklessness and errors, the doctor must first obtain information about the condition of the patient, carry out laboratory tests and investigations before conducting surgery, prescriptions, discharging and aftercare services.
Every patient has civil rights and medical authority to expect certain medical services and standards whenever thy approach or when they are in the hands of a medical officer. The doctors failures to
provide standard services to the patient will certainly attract judicial intervention.
The civil rights gives every right to of initiating action against medical negligence. The doctors must ensure that they certain services to patients which includes; service of care and treatment, service of prescription and diagnosis, and the service of diagnostic tests. Any damage caused to any patient, the
hospital will be liable. Public awareness of medical negligence has recently risen to higher heights.
Medical centers are being faced with increasing complains regarding facilities, duties and standards of professional skills and competence in the medical services and many more.

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