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The science behind musical instruments


Date Posted: 5/9/2018 12:04:52 PM

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Music is not only an art but it is also a science. Today’s technology explain music as a science that is; the science that leads to the production of music sounds. Music originates from sound. For sound to be produced and perceived by a receiver (human ear), there must be vibrations from a vibrating source.
The vibrations are transmitted from the vibrating source through the material medium to the receiver.
The receiver is the person who hears the sound. The medium (air/water/solid matter) through which the sound vibration travels is made of many molecules. These molecules are set in a random collision by the vibration of molecules from the
vibrating source. The vibrations are then detected by the human ear at the same rate with the rate of vibrations.
At times, these sound vibrations can get organized into patterns with different pitch and rhythms causing musical sounds to be produced. Different musical instruments produce different musical
sounds. The human ear is able to detect these musical sounds at different frequency ranges. Frequency
is the number of times a sound wave vibrates in one second or the number of cycles per second.

Sounds produced by different musical instruments depends on variation in intensity of the vibrating molecules. That is, loud sounds and soft sounds. Loud sounds are produced by louder vibrations of molecules and soft sounds produced by other smaller vibrations of molecules of the material medium respectively.
At times, the frequency of vibrating molecules may remain constant producing a smooth sound. This is how sound is produced. The science of music led to the development of different musical instruments.
Many musical instruments are able to produce different musical sounds at different pitch. Pitch is the highness or lowness of musical sound or note.
If the vibrations of the molecules are rapid,

the frequency of the sound becomes high resulting to a loud and high sound. When the vibrations are slow, the frequency of the sound becomes low and soft sound . Harmonic sound waves are produced in different phases of vibrating molecules. Each phase is able to produce unique musical sounds in any musical instrument.
There are definitely many different types of musical instruments which includes;

Stringed musical instruments.

These are made using strings. The pitch, highness or lowness of these instruments depends on the tension and length of the string. There are many varieties of stringed musical instruments like.;
Piano. They are very common and highly advanced due to technological planning’s of inversions.
Furthermore , main melodies can be played at any range by using voice leading techniques while maintaining backing harmony.
Guitar. It can be played by any age group. In order to play it you pluck the string by fingers. Each string produces different vibrations at different frequencies. There are many varieties of guitars ,electric and non electric. They produce soothing sounds that are of good pitch. Guitars are easy to play as long by balancing the strings tension.

Violin. Violins are able to produce rich and smooth musical sounds. Are played with a bow made of horse hair. The bow creates vibrations on the string when it is drown. It is very important and among the best popular musical instruments. You can learn faster because they are of simple sizes and categories . They are of a great experience.
Drums. Are in the category of percussion instruments. Drums are among the best well-known instruments for musical play. Are very common in the Music Industry today and they produce interesting sounds. With continued inventions, more and more modern musical instruments are
developed and are ranked among the best and popular instruments.
Those that are being modified these days are the guitar, violin, pianos drums and many more.
Therefore, what is the science and technology behind musical instruments? This is the age in which entertainment has been considered the greatest business among others businesses. With this rank, the entertainment industry has sort to improve and modify some of the greatest musical and other entertainment instrument. These processes of modifications has lead to greater musical technologies beyond this age.

To understand better, take a look at pianos, in the earlier days, the sizes of the pianos were very big.
They could be played by two people and no specified for one person. For today’s pianos, they are modified in that their ultimate sizes are very small and can be played by one hand. This modifications
have made these instruments become very powerful and popular. They are actually among the best instruments.

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