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Relationship Between Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication


Date Posted: 5/9/2018 3:19:38 AM

Posted By: celestinemuchika  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 625

Verbal and nonverbal communication go had in hand,in any type of communication. The following are ways in which they are related.

1. Substitution relationship

This is where a nonverbal cue is used in place of a worded statement.For instance;when a teacher is busy working on something a student can approach him to ask for permission and the teacher just nods to signify permission granted.

2. Complementing relationship

This is where a nonverbal cue is used to elaborate or reinforce the verbal message.For instance,When you point in the direction that you are instructing one to take.

3. Conflict relationship

Physical movements may sometimes conflict or contradict verbal messages.For example,a student may approach a teacher to ask a question,the teacher may oblique with a yes but instead of paying attention he goes a head with packing his bags.

4. Accenting relationship

This is where non verbal activities lay emphasis on the verbal messages.For instance a teacher may instruct students to run at the same time tell them to keep quiet by showing ashhhh sound with one finger on his mouth.

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