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Importance of note-making and good note-making skills


Date Posted: 10/19/2011 10:48:04 AM

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When it comes to studying, there are those students that will prefer to read texts from textbooks without making an effort to note anything down, mainly because they are either too lazy to do so or are of the opinion that it wouldn't make a difference. Such a notion is however misconceived as what is read only manually is not going to stick to the mind as long as that which is noted down. Intensive reading is inevitably accompanied by a high level of note making. This is important as it contributes a lot to the success of a student in his or her work. It is also crucial that both the form and content of the student’s notes are satisfactory. It is only through continuous note-making that a student can develop good note-making skills.

Note taking is of great importance to a student especially in higher levels of learning. This is because:

1. The student is expected to get his information from a list of books recommended to him by the lecturer. He has to isolate the information that is essential from that which is less important from a textbook. This can only be achieved through note taking.

2. Note-making helps one's memory as the extraction and writing of the notes fixes the relevant facts in the student’s mind.

3. Good note-making habits help train a critical mind, helping a student pass his examinations as well as develop a discerning, insightful mind which is quick at grasping relevant information.

4. On the occasions when one is called upon to give a lecture, speech or to participate in a discussion, good note-making skills help in providing a record of the essential points so that the speaker does not have to read out what he has prepared. The notes will remind him of the contents

and sequences of his lecture or contribution to a discussion.

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