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Keeping the fires of a relationship burning


Date Posted: 11/26/2011 10:34:06 AM

Posted By: Raychelle  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 184

Many a times when we get to know our partners we end up taking them for granted.We assume that they understand us so we never make an effort to discover new aspects about them.Actually,being taken for granted ends up breaking up relationships and making life difficult.These tips will help you revive your association.

1.Go away.The usual environment more often than not becomes too familiar.Take your savings,go away to a place that is fun.This will help you revive what you have.

2.Do something for each other.This must not be planned.Just wake up one day and bake him a cake or buy him that shirt he has been eyeing.Love is about give and take,it is what makes it special.

3.Renew your vows of commitment.Go to where you first met,trace your journey all the way.This will make the lost spark rekindle.

4.Take up a similar hobby.Doing things together enhances understanding and team work.Relationships are a unique form of teamwork and you need this for togetherness.

5.Each individual should work on themselves.Learn to love yourself.Everyone resents anyone who is always available.Keep busy,it helps.

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