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Why Bollywood will soon beat Hollywood


Date Posted: 11/26/2011 11:32:45 AM

Posted By: Raychelle  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 184

I grew up watching Hollywood productions.I discovered Bollywood movies when in upper primary when a local station decided to play an Indian movie in celebrating Diwali.I was so moved by the movie that i keep googling its plot so as to find it.So what makes Bollywood so special?

1.The message of love.Bollywood makes us belive in love and marriage.While other productions preach sex and divorce,Bollywood helps us dream again and feel the love.

2.Incorporation of song and dance.Bollywood is made unique by music which makes its productions engaging.It never matters how long they are.You actually never notice how fast time flies!

3.Engaging of fantasy.Hollywood has forgotten how to make us dream again.Bollywood has taken advantage of this and we can now dream of wind blowing our hair away,the moon being so big and close to the earth and our silly hearts beating so fast we would die.

4.Rich culture.Indians make so much effort to be themselves and display such a rich culture you would want to know them more.

5.India is developing.We love to see things grow and mature with time.People have experienced the humble beginnings of Bollywood and its unfolding is a story worth watching.

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