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Growing kales does not necessarily need land.


Date Posted: 11/26/2011 2:38:35 PM

Posted By: Raychelle  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 184

For a long time people in slum areas and areas with very little space could not grow a simple vegetable garden because they felt they needed lots of space for it.Youth empowerment programs have come up with a way of growing kales in sacks to enable anyone to access fresh vegetables.

1.Fill a sack with fertile soil most probably from a shamba.

2.Make holes in the sack for aeration purposes.Plant roots need air for it not to dry.

3.Level the soil in the sack the same way you do in a real garden.

4.Pour some water in the sack in preparation for planting.

5.Get sukumawiki sticks and drive them gently into the sack.Add soil around each stick gently too.Do not place the sticks too close to each other.

6.Irrigate your plants frequently.Add manure if you can.Wait for your harvest soon.

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