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General but an eye opening character traits of ladies.


Date Posted: 3/12/2012 1:34:30 AM

Posted By: hot ice  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 45

Have you,your friend or relative wondered what are some of character traits ladies display when socializing. In an active relationship or work place with them in order for you to understand them and avoid confrontations,hatred or hurting them, then here i have something in store for you.

(1) Ladies are generally jealous that a fact she feel hatred to anything that comes close to her man be it friends,relatives or work partner and will do anything to defend her man despite barriers shortcomings or outcome of her action.

(2) Ladies are weak emotionally by this i mean they get hurt easily even by a petty thing,for example her man fail to wish her good night may be due to an avoidable circumstance, that is a good reason that will ruin her mood all night long and start to think negatively.

(3) Ladies are gossipers that is a fact nobody can change that and you may get hurt by their gossips about you,your work or anything related to you so best thing to do is to ignore them and move on.

(4) Ladies like true lies that sound paradoxical but it is a weakness i mean they believe anything their partners,boss or friends tell them even though deep inside their heart they know are lies, they tend to ignore their conscience or inner voice and end up heart broken or manipulated.

(5) Ladies like fame, popularity and to show off another weakness i mean they will buy anything for example expensive clothes,shoes or accessories not because they like them or rich but to show off and get attention and end up embarrassed,ridiculed since she is not able to

keep up with other competitors.
(6) Majority ladies love for real, that is positive i mean when in love there is no turning/looking back,no flashbacks or regrets from past relationships they embrace love,hope which keep them strong but despite loving for real some guys take advantage and manipulate them and end up hurt or heart broken.

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