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A nice joke too bad for you to miss.


Date Posted: 3/13/2012 3:44:09 PM

Posted By: hot ice  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 45

Hello people each and everyone of us was brought up under strict rules,command or regulation by our mothers or guardians and they expected us to abide by them for our own good failure to do so you face the music which made us stick by them no matter what,when,where or who, so i have a joke for you to explain my argument on how mother''s commands make their son and daughters great comedians or joke crackers. MOTHER:Son/daughter hurry to school before you are late and come back straight home after school(mother''s command).

SON/DAUGHTER: Ok i promise mum. TEACHER:Good morning class,how many of you will like to go to heaven by show of hands. SON/DAUGHTER:Didn''t raise his/her hand . TEACHER:Why? SON/DAUGHTER:Because my mum told me to go straight home after school. TEACHER: Burst into laughter. MOTHER:How was your school? SON/DAUGHTER:Good, our teacher asked us how many would like to go to heaven by show of hands. MOTHER:You raised? SON/DAUGHTER:No MOTHER:Why not? SON/DAUGHTER:Because you told me to come straight back home after school. MOTHER:Burst into a laughter too. Hope you like it,good luck.

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