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How to avoid being victimised by rapists.


Date Posted: 7/1/2012 10:17:20 AM

Posted By: freolan  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 2305

Today I want to discuss the ways that young ladies can do to protect against rapists:

1.Sadly, statistics show that the perpetrators are usually people who are known to us as elder brothers, cousins, uncles, a man in law, father, friends, neighbors, friends, brothers, and so on. Because you never say that he is a sex pest until he begins to talk to you a hint, never let the conversation, which begins in such a way as to move on.
Once a male relative or close friend talks to you or touches you in a seductive and suggestive manner, do stop them, even if they say they are joking. This is one of the methods that sex pests use to cover their evil intentions. They pretend they currently look good and get offended when you take it there, and they even look sick or act like the last thing on their mind, when he had them in the first place. In fact, the guy is testing you, and lays the groundwork for such talk and touch become cover when they should not.
If neither one of them inadvertently touches you and give you a sinister proposal (which is sexual harassment, by the way), report them to their parents, guardians, older brothers and sisters, neighbors, teachers, grandparents, aunts or other female or older one that you trust immediately.
Let this sex pest know that someone else, but you do not know their repulsive behavior. If they laugh at your worry, do not hesitate. When other people are warned about the behavior of sex pest to, say, a cruel act of itself, it will be easier to pursue, because of what you said earlier about the people of indecent behavior rapist. Do not wait for his behavior, or a joke out of control.

2. If you are

alone in the house or your dormitory in college, always keep the doors locked.Talk to all male visitors that you do not know or trust in the safety of closed doors. Do not open the door, even for the innocent requests, such as a glass of water or wait until people came to visit. Never leave the house or duplicate room keys in places where other people can get them, because they too can make duplicates of keys at home and use them whenever they want.

3. Never give out information about other people where you live, with whom, what they are doing, where they go, how often they can be found in the house and so on, because you are just setting out a timetable for sex pests to know when is the best time to attack

4. Do not tolerate obscene phone calls. If the calls continue, report the incident to the phone company or network, and the police, so that the user can be traced and arrested.

5. When walking through the streets, always be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts. Deal with the whistle, unwanted comments or requests to leave.

6. If you are dressed provocatively, do not walk the crowded streets. Yes, you have the right to wear what you want when you want, but this right will mean nothing to you, when the crowd is wrong-minded men rob you naked and parade you in public.

7. Always carry a flashlight in the dark and avoid poorly lit streets, alleys, vacant lots, overgrown with bushes and track parking at all times. When walking, do not wear big, bulky bags that make it hard for you to move quickly in case of attack.

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