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Touring Central Kenya


Date Posted: 8/3/2012 7:38:40 AM

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Central kenya is one of the richest provinces in kenya. Being occupied by a vast collection of tribes, it harbors many cultures and religions. Many tribes shifted due to different causes and found themselves in this province. To tour the whole of central province, you need a three days or more, a car or enough money to cater for your travel expenses. In this tour, we shall spend a minimum of twenty thousand shillings on public vehicles.
We should start from the most adequate place, Nairobi. From here we shall visit on of the natural scenic beauty. The view of the great rift valley. Between kimende and kinungi, the is a sweet view point where one is capable of seeing the vast beauty of the great rift valley. Travelling forward, you will have a chance to visit the curio shops located along the nairobi nakuru highway, spend about three thousand shillings buying the great artifacts from different cultures. Also buy belts, key rings, idols etc.

Travel from kimende and head to fly over. This place have vast collection of natural things. You should visit one of the best place for food and beverages, try the kanyenyaini kids butchery for roast beef, veal etc before heading to the sheep fields. Here you can witness the beauty of sheep rearing in vast numbers. From fly over, travel direct to njabini town and let's spend the night here. This night would roughly cost you about five thousand shillings. Eat, drink, play games, drink wine and sleep in one of the best places in town.

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