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The true facts about scorpions.


Date Posted: 8/22/2012 2:40:35 AM

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The scorpion is one of the most poisonous insects in the world.It is categorized as a spider.It's carnivorous and nocturnal,meaning that it eats meat and only sees at night or when it's dark.It has eight or ten eyes,but they all can't see well.Its sting is painful and poison and sometimes can kill.It uses its sharp and pointed tail to sting the enemy,and inject the venom into their blood.Scorpions live in dark and squeezed places like underneath static objects or under bed.They only walk at night and whenever they come across light,they rush to hide.Just like all other macro organisms,scorpions mate for reproduction.After mating,the female scorpion becomes bitter and can eat the male,if it is smaller or weaker.The males go into hiding after mating to avoid a possible fight or death.Scorpions give birth a dozen or more off springs.When the mother gets hungry,she may turn to feed on her children.She can eat to three at a time.Scorpions take a year to grow to adulthood.The strange thing about scorpions is that they can survive in a switched-on refrigerator of ice for twenty four hours.Also,they can live without taking water for two months and can hibernate for one year under the soil.A scorpion's lifespan ranges between three to eight years,depending on the environment.

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