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How to prepare peanuts for any home cooking


Date Posted: 8/22/2012 2:31:58 PM

Posted By: Razen  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 3454

How to cook/roast peanuts:

Peanuts, scientifically known as arachis hypogaea, is a common food stuff used all over the world. It is a very rich source of proteins and can supplement diet when taken as deserts or junk food. The most available cooked form of peanut is the peanut butter. It can be cooked in over ten formats that all yield good, different tastes.
The most common methods of preparation include:
***Method 1***

Note: as believed, peanuts do not ask for any cooking supplements. No onions, no fat, no vegetables. Its dry roasting.

Put. A thick pot/sufuria or any deep pan that can withstand a lot of heat and hold about a kilo or more of peanuts. Put in it about 500grams of salt to function as direct heat absorber. Add the previous cleaned peanuts, remove any shells, other grains, rotten nuts, and stir continuously.

Keep touching the nuts for heat absorption level. Once the grains heat up to a level of mildly burning your palms, take a cup and add water about 100 ml. Add two spoonfuls of salt and stir. Add the salty water to the grains and continue stirring. Once the moisture has ceased evaporating and the grains have dried up, check for grains that still has a lot of salt attached to them, and remove they. If your break them into two, you will find out that they are rotten grains that you couldn't detect due to the outer coating. Continue stirring as you break a few pieces occasionally. If you break them and find they are golden brown, remove from the stove and pour them on a piece of cloth laid on a cold surface. Preferably the floor. This is because the cooling process should be accelerated so as to let the outer cover to peal off.

Use as desired. You

can make peanut yogurt, peanut butter, peanut cakes etc

Procedure: put a frying pan on the stove and let it heat up. Add about 30 grams of cooking fat and let it melt till silence. Add a reasonable amount of peanuts and cook until brown. Note: peanuts that still have the taste can't turn brown. You need to peal several nuts to act as your readiness guide.

*do not consume hot peanuts. They induce indigestion.
* do not add water to raw cold peanuts. This increases elasticity. Elastic peanuts cannot cook properly.
* do not leave peanuts on the floor for a long time, they return to a state of being raw.

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