Discuss the origin of agriculture


Discuss the origin of agriculture


The precise origin of agriculture remains conjectural uncertain. The domestication of edible seeds and horned cattle probably began in the Middle East. It is possible that the growing of crops and the domestication of animals were always associated. Originally animals may have been attracted by the extra fodder left by grain growers and tamed. In the old stone age was the first animal to be trained.
There is evidence that agriculture may have started on the alluvial fans of mountain streams on the edge of desert plains. Because grain gathering was women’s business agriculture was the invention of women and was the work of women until the invention of the ox-drawn hoe plough.
Impact of Agriculture
Where agriculture became dominant over hunting, it raised status of women in the old society as opposed to hunting which had favoured men.
Agriculture created new relations between man and nature i.e. man ceased to be parasitic on animals and plants as he could grow food.
Man controlled nature through a knowledge of its laws of reproduction and hence he achieved independence from external conditions.
It marked new order of advancement lead to a new kind of society which was qualitatively different because of the enormous quantitative increase in the number of people supported by small piece of land.
Part of the population was set aside for other tasks for some part of the year hence new possibilities and new problems emerged.
The emergence of real property owned communally - land, cattle, buts and stores of grain were there as fixed goods owned communally by mankind.
Introduced a new concept of social life - work/kazi. New intervals or planting and harvesting were exhausting and tedious processes hence they were done in seasons. New concepts of land as the giver and taker.
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