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Discuss the contemporary issues in Management of Agricultural Organizations


Discuss the contemporary issues in Management of Agricultural Organizations



Management of Agricultural Organizations has been faced with many current issues which if unresolved lead the declined of management effectiveness. These issues include;
Pressure to perform
Sometimes managers may feel stressed about their work and leadership position. This sometimes becomes common to new managers who feel pressured to achieve more at the beginning of their duties. Managers should embrace the challenge and plan for the unexpected circumstances that they may face as they lead.

Absence of structure
Absence of management structure is a major challenge to managers especially when they introduce a new team or have changed the work environment. This demands the managers to spend a lot of time supervising one team than the others to ensure maximum productivity.

Dealing with Underperforming Employees
Some employee will have their personal issues that interfere with their work. The manage will be required to help employees cope with personal issues, provide motivation and counsel and also help them with resources either inside or outside the organization and this may turn to be a burden and reduce efficiency.

Responding to a Crisis
In everyday activities things will go wrong. For instance, an employee will get sick at a critical time. A weather disaster may hit the organization’s facility and disrupt the manager’s plans. A crime will be committed maybe a theft or even something that harms an employee. These changing conditions may overwhelm the manager with stress and also affect the work turnover of the employees.

Dealing with Outstanding Employees
Some employees perform better than others and that is an advantage to the organization but comes with challenges. This is because they need special treatment to keep them working better. The manager will have a challenge balancing all the employees because the outstanding employees require special attention, encouragement, training and guidance.

Lack of communication
Managers of the Agricultural organizations face the challenge of ensuring effective communication when dealing with different teams. This is because employees have different personality and thus miscommunication happening from time to time. This will require the manager to increase the frequency of communication to ensure employees know exactly what they are expected to do.

Being understaffed
Managers have the obligation of recognizing when it’s time to hire another team member to help fulfil responsibilities with their department. The hiring process is time consuming and the manager is required to get assistance from other managers and human resources professionals when pursuing another new candidate.

Poor teamwork.
Employees may lose focus and spend a lot of time completing individual tasks. This calls for a manager to revisit the purpose of the project in-order to re-establish teamwork. The manager is also required to take time to acknowledge their team’s effort and clarify the purpose of their work to increase levels of motivation.

Time management
Managers are responsible for overseeing the members of their team and communicating with other departments heads and this make them struggle with balancing their own tasks.

Weak workplace culture.
Sometimes teams feel like they are not connected with the rest of the workplace and they could experience a decrease in motivation. This may overwhelm the manager because he/she will work hard to promote a strong work culture for example by planning lunch outings and rewarding employees who exceed expectations.
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