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Describe the Gantt chart


Describe the Gantt chart



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- a visual representation that compares a project's planned activities with actual progress overtime.
- Tasks or activities defined in the WBS are represented using a bar across a horizontal time axis.
- Other symbols, for example, diamonds, can represent milestones to make the Gantt chart more readable.
- The Gantt chart in Figure above shows the general sequence of activities or work tasks. In this project example, there are five tasks of varying durations and the project should be completed in fifteen time periods (e.g., days). In addition, the two shaded diamonds following tasks C and E indicate milestone events.
- Gantt charts can also be useful for tracking and monitoring the progress of a project.
- Although Gantt charts are useful for communicating the project's status.
- They do not show the explicit relationships among tasks or activities.
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