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Features that would make more user friendly.


Date Posted: 12/30/2013 1:13:05 AM

Posted By: saucer  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 4885

Features that would make more user friendly

According to the ‘about us’ button on, this site was started in 2008 with an aim of improving access to educational resources such as past papers and useful discussion forums. As a faithful member since 2012 I can attest to this. This site has been my source for past papers and educational resources and discussion forums with intellectual people that has helped me grow immensely in my ability to express my opinion. I would therefore like to thank the Kenyaplex team for providing students and people like me the opportunity for such a forum. In addition to this, you get paid for participating. Before joining this site I did not know it was possible to earn online but now I do and I have benefited from this.
Over the years, the site has undergone upgrades and improvements in a bid to get more members and I would like to applaud the effort put. A very notable motivation was the contests held weekly for member of the week, member of the month and best resource. These contests encourage people to participate actively in the site. I too was motivated by such contests to improve my writing and become more active in the site hence my high points. The site underwent a makeover of a kind with a new layout that made navigate somewhat easier for users. The blue theme looks a marvelous when I log in on my phone.
Though with such advancements there is more that can be and more is left to be desired of the site. An issue which has been neglected was the ‘subscribe to a post’ button. The button does not work and has not been able to function. This flaw prevents users from following posts they have commented

on and it makes it difficult to get a reply from another member who has posted on the topic.
Here are some suggestions that would make more user friendly. These suggestions have been derived from features in other sites that have made major milestones in the internet technology field.
1. Install an online button
2. Enable members to upload past papers rather than typing which is tedious and resources.
3. Addition of visual aids to resources to make them more attractive.
4. Make members able to follow a post and get notifications
5. Put up an I.M service for members
6. The point system should be better defined in terms of benefits and access.

Starting with the first suggestion an online button will help members know who is online and enable easier interaction between members. This way, the site will not seem too dormant when a few members are online and are participating in a discussion forum.
Enabling members to upload past papers rather than typing which is tedious is good for all. Scanning past papers and posting them directly will be an added advantage to members who want to share knowledge with other members. When it comes to resources, uploading directly should also be considered. A single format should be supported and approved. This will help members to attach documents easily and post to be reviewed by the review team.
It would also help to put pictures in resources so as to illustrate the message better. Visual aids help in getting the message out clearly and better and in a more entertaining manner. It would also help in making the site livelier.
Enabling members follow a post and get notifications for when another member posts or comments on a topic they are interested in. this will make the site more interactive and replies will be easier and hence easier flow of information. There should also be a way a user can easily access all the resources he or she has ever posted or if another member would like to view all other content another member has ever posted.
In a bid to make more interactive, the site should provide an I.M service for its members to make communication among members easier and more fun. Real time connection and reply will encourage members talk more about educational stuff.
I have never really understood the point system since it was introduced. The point system should be more defined and the boundaries clearly defined. The benefits for each class should be well defined so as to reduce confusion and encourage members get to the level higher than they are now.
These are just suggestions that I think would help improve the user experience on this site.

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