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Best Business Opportunities to Engage in Campus in Kenya (For Campus Students)


Date Posted: 3/17/2018 5:46:23 AM

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Best Business Opportunities to Engage in Campus in Kenya (For Campus Students)

Campus life is a place where everybody desire to be in for many have myths that campus life is enjoyable life "Maisha London" as many say. Can't oppose it life is sweet but those who have graduated or are taking their degrees in most universities can testify that life is unbearable especially without cash. Campus life is money need life as from housing, dressing and food depends 100% on money.
As by my research it shows that those who happens to see plenty of opportunities of small businesses in campus seems to enjoy life especially Business students in most universities. most people enjoy this opportunities which most campus students do not see hence benefiting a lot from this students. But there are plenty of this small businesses that one can engage in since in campus you are on the peak of your energies creativity, freedom and support to experiment with many things you wished to do in life. You have friends ,a market forum where you can test your ideas even have support from parents or take advantage of the loan given by the government giving you opportunity to juggle both studies and side hustle. This opportunities may be:

Campus being student dominated environment, one can make a lot of money by installing a cyber cafe as its known to help students to format,edit ,design and print their assignments ,study projects and reports.

If you have been in a student dominated environment you can testify how students flood in this photocopying centers for in everyday students have to make copies of class notes and assignments. This is hence a lucrative opportunity in campuses and its environment.


Everybody knows how colleges and universities students have

strong sense of fashion . This students always dress to kill so as to impress even if it means frequent visits to a boutique they will do. Have ever visited many universities and saw how this ladies dress ,they are always updated on any new fashion in the market ,they but dresses everyday hence saws that a boutique business is a great opportunity in campuses.


Almost all campus students have heard of online jobs being mentioned here and then but others take it as being tedious hence go for betting which they seen as easy yet expensive. Ask those who have engaged it this online writings cat testify how they make money. Those students with laptops have added advantage for this opportunity though most of them perceive a laptop as watching instrument. In recent there have emerged many freelancing websites which over free writings and paid. Lets talk of Kenyaplex the so far known legit website offering online jobs like posting of past paper's from your school, writing of articles, selling of notes e.t.c if one engage in this part time online jobs ,be sure to have something in your pocket.

Most of campus students are lazy mostly the so far called slay queens groups and they like to look good. Sometimes due to tight schedules of studies sometimes does not give them free time to do their laundry hence they could like this to be done for them. This business does not require technical skills and also no huge capital hence if one does not like her hands to get wet can start this type of business.


Jewelry making does not require technical skill or large capital to start your own jewelry line. Campus students always desire to look smart hence prefer jewelry i also witnessed in some campus especially MASENO university some students making this jewelry on the roadside on their free time and had a crowd of students waiting to be served hence shows its a great opportunity for any student to start.

As a campus student ,use the minimal resources and take advantage of support from parents and government and try this ideas to earn a side hustle money for sustainability in campus.

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