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Effective Stress Management Tips


Date Posted: 3/17/2018 5:20:36 AM

Posted By: Ara Akinyi  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 187

Stress has been defined differently by different academicians,the simplest definition though is that stress is a normal reaction to an abnormal situation. We encounter different situations in our day to day life some of which can cause us to have stress, for example getting stuck in traffic. While negative situations seems to be the major source of stress, stress can also be caused by positive situations like starting a new job, getting a baby, planning for a wedding or moving to a new location.

Stress is therefore normal and most people experience it on a daily basis. Minimal levels of stress can easily be managed. We can do this by:

1. Avoiding them
Avoiding unnecessary stressors will enable us to go through the day with out experiencing stress, for example, if you know that you are not so comfortable with wearing high heels shoes or walking in them simply avoid them and wear heels that you can comfortably walk in, you can also purpose to get up early so as to avoid being stuck in traffic or prepare your things at night for a smooth start the next day.

2.Alter the situation.
If the situation is unavoidable, you can at least alter it, make it less stressful. Play some good music and sing along in the car if you are stuck in traffic, you can also use this time to call your friends or family put them on speaker and let them keep you company as you wait,in case you have boarded a public vehicle, you can read your ebooks,play a game on your phone or put your headphones and listen to some good music or inspiration talks.

3.Accept the situation.
If you can't avoid the situation or alter it, then accept it as it is, it is said that what doesn't kill

you makes you stronger, well if you are in a stressful situations and you can not do anything about it, just try to relax yourself, take deep breaths slowly and wait for the situation to change, it will surely come to pass, things don't always last forever so keep a positive mind set, tell yourself it's going to be over and try to maintain your composure.

At advanced stages, stress may cause certain behavior changes that are harmful to people,such as, changes in their eating habits where they may either begin to over eat or not eat at all, stress may also lead to changes in a person's sleeping pattern which will in the long run interfere with their life, it may cause the affected person to neglect their hygiene and it may also lead to low production and performance in school and at work.
Stress at this level can be managed by:

1. Exercising
Running for a few minutes or doing light exercises in general will help in managing stress and improving the immune system, it will also improve self image and people will feel good about themselves thus curbing stress.

2. Nutrition
Taking healthy meals especially fruits and vegetables will generally improve a persons mood,a person becomes more vibrant and healthy.

3. Relaxing
Take some time out and relax, change your environment if possible, go to some quiet place and enjoy the peace and nature. Spending time with nature enables our mind to relax and reduces our stress levels making us less stressed.

4. Seek social support
It is said that a problem shared is a problem half solved, talk to a trusted friend or family member about the situation that is stressing you out,talking about it will lessen it's magnitude as you put your feelings to words,sharing also helps you to realize and appreciate the fact that you are not alone or the only person who is experiencing such an issue.

5. Pray
Lastly you can pray about it if you are a believer, prayer is a discipline that is practiced in all religions, Christianity for example encourages the lifting up of burdens in prayers with thanks giving believing that whatever has been prayed for will be granted by the loving and gracious God.

These simple tips will be of great benefit,if they are put into practice they can guarantee a stress free life or rather better stress management.

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